My Mission


The purpose of my blog is to document my journey as a data scientist through all its rewards and revelations. I hope to also inspire a new wave of young scientists who are misled to believe a background in a "hard" science can only lead to careers in medicine or research. 

A neuroscientist by training, I'm naturally drawn to the link between artificial and biological neural networks. If we can reverse engineer our own biological neural networks by mapping out every neuron in the brain, we can then improve the artificial neural networks in deep learning.


But maybe more importantly, the improvements in artificial neural networks can catalyze our computational ability to unlock the biological secrets of our own brains. This could take the form of better understanding how our brains learn new things through by storing and retrieving some memory, or curing neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and depression. 

And if data science and neuroscience can continue collaboration, humanity can have the best of both worlds. My mission: to get in on the action.